(8 days/7 nights)

Discover the miraculous culture of the ancient Mayas.
The Mayan people believe that the soul of the jaguar lives in all of us, giving us the strength to go out and explore. This adventure spirit invites you to rest in this area of the Caribbean, an area known as Xcalacoco. In the jungles of this country interactive activities paying homage to the ancient Maya are played every day of the week. If you choose to rest here, you'll see that Sandos Caracol is more than a typical beach vacation.
Adventure Activities.
Path Bike: We start the trip at the jungle near the beautiful property
Cenote Route: This desert road leads you to the jungle passing a series of natural subterranean sources known as cenotes.
Mangrove Path: Explore one of the most important habitats of the seaside along the shores of the Mexican Caribbean. The mangrove forests are covered in exotic trees and wild animals.
Mayan River: Start a quiet trip by boat across a meandering river where you can find local plant and animals along the way.
Activities in Nature
Bird Sanctuary: Admire a great number of colorful birds ina a healthy environment.
Check out deer: Have a look at the white deer, one of the most beloved animal in the region, in a residence that lives in the natural jungle.
Discover the Mayan Jungle: An abundance of local wild animals who live in the jungle. You can encounter over 60 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
Turtle Lagoon: Several kinds of sweet water turtles lay in these lagoons.
Iguanas: These prehistoric reptiles that live in the jungle can be found while you're basking in the sun everywhere.
Plant a Tree: Sandos supports the protection of Mexican rain-forests in Quintana Roo. Visitors are invited to take part in this program by planting trees to also commemorate their stay.

Package includes:

  • Two way trip by plane
  • 8 days and 7 nights stay
  • Accommodation in one of the chosen hotels
  • All Inclusive package for all of the days
  • Comfortable and Refined Rooms
  • Rooms equipped with TV, Air Conditioning


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