Welcome to Odisea Travel

Welcome to Odisea Travel & Tours. During our years in the market of tourism agencies, we have realized that the customers are an integral part of our service. For this reason, we have always tried to be a serious company. Our commitment to service is based on total customer satisfaction. Currently, our services include plane tickets, tour packages, car rentals and many other services that facilitate our customers’ journey. 

After visiting our official website, we invite you to discover more about our services. Through our online tickets you have the opportunity to book your ticket and then buy it at our offices. In this way you have the chance to find the cheapest flights.

The tour packages that you will find published on our website include offers selected by our team just for you. This does not mean that your specific requirements will not be met. Our highly qualified and dedicated staff will help you fulfill every desire for your vacations. Regarding our car rental service we proudly say that our 18 vehicles have served for the completion of our services. Our main goal is to create an even more convenient and high security service for our customers. We invite you to become part of the travelling experience with us. Hope to see you soon. Thank you for visiting our website.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Saimir Tresa



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